Local News: 83 Dunklin and Pemiscot Co. residents charged in multiple drug trafficking and weapons cases (03/14/13)

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83 Dunklin and Pemiscot Co. residents charged in multiple drug trafficking and weapons cases

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo by Blytheville Courier News Law enforcement officials announce a major drug bust Wednesday afternoon in Blytheville.
CAPE GIRARDEAU -- More than 150 law enforcement officers yesterday morning, March 13, fanned out across southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas to arrest over 80 individuals. Approximately 120 individuals are named in both federal and state court documents that allege a host of violations including firearms and narcotics trafficking and violent crimes.

Yesterday morning's massive operation stems from a two year investigation, dubbed H.I.T.S. (High Intensity Trafficking Suppression), initiated in response to firearms violence and the trafficking of firearms and narcotics in southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas. Numerous law enforcement agencies joined the investigation to achieve the overall goal of making their communities safer. The investigation resulted in over 240 undercover operations and numerous other law enforcement actions.

As a result of this multi-jurisdictional effort, a total of 108 firearms, more than three pounds of methamphetamine, more than three pounds of crack cocaine/cocaine, more than 26 pounds of marijuana and numerous ecstasy and other narcotic pills were purchased or seized. Of the defendants being sought in Wednesday's operation, 14 were previously in custody. Those not arrested yesterday are now considered fugitives. Further, 29 defendants were previously charged and arrested during the two year investigation.

Of the 125 defendants, 52 are being prosecuted by the Pemiscot County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, 19 are being prosecuted by the Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, 22 are being prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Missouri, 19 are being prosecuted by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Arkansas and 14 are being prosecuted by the Arkansas Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney's Office. One defendant is being prosecuted in two jurisdictions.

The agencies involved in the investigation are the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); the Caruthersville Police Department; the Steele Police Department; the Bootheel Drug Task Force; the Arkansas Second Judicial Drug Task Force; the Kennett Police Department; the Hayti Police Department; the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Department in Missouri; the Blytheville Police Department; the Osceola Police Department and the Mississippi County Sheriff's Department in Arkansas. This enforcement operation involved law enforcement officers from all of the investigating agencies along with the Arkansas State Police.

Kennett Police Chief James Paine said yesterday, "I would like to thank the men and women who have made today's roundup possible. This investigation was made possible through a cooperative of local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies working together to combat drug dealing, drug use and drug related crime in Kennett and in our region. I would also like to thank ATF for their leadership in this investigation. The Kennett Police Department has had a long lasting relationship with ATF and will continue this partnership in the future. Today's operation marks a major blow to drug trafficking, use, abuse and drug related crime in our community and is just the beginning of stricter enforcement efforts in our city."

Wednesday, Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney Stephen Sokoloff said, "The arrests made today are good examples of what a regional approach to enforcement can accomplish. Criminals do not pay attention to state and county boundaries. Law enforcement needs to cooperate across those boundaries as well, in order to be able to effectively combat drug distribution in our region."

Those charged in the local area include 17 from Kennett, 28 from Hayti, 29 from Caruthersville, eight from Steele, and one from Wardell. They are:


* Torrance Reed, 27, Kennett, Mo.

* Bryan Lorren, 24, Kennett, Mo.

* Christopher I. Brown, 25, Kennett, Mo.

* Dwayne A. aka "Grip" Cross, 30, Kennett, Mo.

* Bryant Ellis, 41, Kennett, Mo.

* Calvin C. Harrell, 35, Kennett, Mo.

* Shawn Hollywood, 32, Kennett, Mo.

* Rodney L. McFarland, 33, Kennett, Mo.

* Emanuel A. Wheeler, 29, Kennett, Mo.

* Dwayne M. aka "Crazy" Whitley, 37, Kennett, Mo.

* Brittany L. Clark, 26, Kennett, Mo.

* Dewaine D. Jamison, 28, Kennett, Mo.

* April R. Stark, 30, Kennett, Mo.

* Takesha A. Lee, 29, Kennett, Mo.

* Bryan D. aka "B-Lem" Lemons, 28, Kennett, Mo.

* Detrick L. aka "D-Ray" Ray, 34, Kennett, Mo.

* Willie Saylors, 40, Kennett, Mo.


* Odis M. Price, 26, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Tyreese L. Alston, 21, Caruthersville, Mo.

* D'Ariea Carter, 20, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Lonnie J. aka "J-Rock" Carter, 35, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Antonio M. Kelleybrew, 49, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Tracy R. Kelleybrew, 44, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Eddie B. Lee, 24, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Anthony R. Lewis, 46, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Kathleen M. Morgan, 54, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Odis M. Price, 26, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Mark S. Robinson, 51, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Patricia A. Robinson, 25, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Phillip J. Smith, 22, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Keith D. Tilson, 31, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Edward F. Truss, 31, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Leslie L. Truss, 34, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Eric J. Woods, 29, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Billy W. Goforth, 42, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Billy L. Griffin, 32, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Justin L. Hampton, 36, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Marvin E. Jones, 47, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Lance K. Mansfield, 37, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Amber M. Swims, 24, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Davario D. Taylor, 23, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Darmarro L. Hendrix, 24, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Ondra J. Battles, 32, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Bobby D. Black, 38, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Elmer L. Truss, 32, Caruthersville, Mo.

* Myron K. Woods, 38, Caruthersville, Mo.


* Deron D. Abbott, 22, Hayti, Mo.

* Alfea L. aka "Alfred" Crenshaw, 22, Hayti, Mo.

* Garnett Fisher, 32, Hayti, Mo.

* Wash Flagg, 48, Hayti, Mo.

* Joshua L. Foster, 26, Hayti, Mo.

* Fred aka "Baby Fred" Hall, 32, Hayti, Mo.

* Annie L. Hamilton, 33, Hayti, Mo.

* David, aka "Gator"Humes, 57, Hayti, Mo.

* Cordnie Johnson, 34, Hayti, Mo.

* Jimmy L. Lockhart, 42, Hayti, Mo.

* Eddie G. Luster Jr., 28, Hayti, Mo.

* Carolyn R. McIntyre, 36, Hayti, Mo.

* Doris F. Miles, 64, Hayti, Mo.

* Nicholas Moore, 30, Hayti, Mo.

* Domineik D. aka "BB" Rhines, 21, Hayti, Mo.

* Deon M. Thomas, 33, Hayti, Mo.

* Frederick D. aka "Freddie B" Turner, 36, Hayti, Mo.

* Demarcus D. Warren, 23, Hayti, Mo.

* James A. Williams, 26, Hayti, Mo.

* Larry L. aka "Lil Larry" Carter, 36, Hayti, Mo.

* Decarlos aka "Muncho"Johnson, 36, Hayti, Mo.

* Eddie G. aka "Screwball" Luster Sr., 59, Hayti, Mo.

* Michael A. Luster, 40, Hayti, Mo.

* Frederick E. aka "Freaky B" Payne, 30, Hayti, Mo.

* Willie Whitley, 35, Hayti, Mo.

* Steve R. Winters, 46, Hayti, Mo.

* Jerome Owens, 19, Hayti, Mo.

* Alnelius S. Fisher, 24, Hayti, Mo.


* Anthony Hale, 41, Steele, Mo.

* Jessie, aka "Gator" Brock, 25, Steele, Mo.

* Anthony O. aka "Clue" Taylor, 28, Steele, Mo.

* Anthony Hale, 41, Steele, Mo.

* Ratio F. Armour, 25, Steele, Mo.

* Eric D. Hastings, 34, Steele, Mo.

* Joe B. Baxter, 69, Steele, Mo.

* John H. Robinson, 29, Steele, Mo.


* Terry L. Miller, 48, Wardell, Mo.

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You think all of the policemen gathered around and drew names out of a hat. I got crazy who did you get? I got screwball. You guys are lucky I got Freaky B. All jokes aside, good job officers and thanks alot.
— Posted by buyer beware, 03/14/13 at 3:04 PM
It took 2 years to do that? How pathetic, they need to enroll all those officers in some sort of training or something. I mean seriously they are worthless pigs. It cost the taxpayers way to much to continue the useless war on drugs. Cops just don't like competition I guess or were running low on their personal stash. More than 100 kilos (220 pounds) of marijuana is shipped in daily in that jurisdiction alone so that bust don't mean nada. My main concern is how many 4th amendment rights were violated in the process. They show you the big headlines but neglect to show how many are actually convicted.
— Posted by fuq tha police, 03/14/13 at 4:48 PM
FTP ur turn is coming too. Somebody's favorite pusher must have gotten busted.
— Posted by KHS1975, 03/14/13 at 6:09 PM
Pusher? Lol drugs sell them self, no need to be " pushed". BTW KHS1975 I'M like a fart in the wind, you know I'm around and you hate it but can never see me. Getting caught by the Kennett police is like getting nabbed by barney fife. How many mansions were seized?, how bout high end cars, clubs busineses or major forfeitures? Nope I think not! Cause they only bust people that can't defend themselves. See, theres 2 kinds of drug dealers, ones that need forklifts and the ones that don't. Now get back to work and risk your life for $29k while I take todays profits and buy a new Bentley ( you know that's what really burns your ass right). If It took 2 years to bust those folks, its gonna take 2 centuries to get me, catch me if you can Punta. No justice no Pease, fuq tha police.
— Posted by fuq tha police, 03/14/13 at 7:04 PM
Now if we could just get rid of all the druggies in Cardwell......
— Posted by KBear1118, 03/14/13 at 9:19 PM
FTP,..kinda hard on the 'pigs' aren't you ? Like 'pigs' everywhere, they only arrest. That's all Barney could do too. Then it goes thru the system of prosecutors, judges,lawyers,probation, parole, re-hab ad-infinitum. We all know, or should know, the drill by now.

I would much rather live next to any one these 'pigs' rather than any one of these druggies, say Freaky B, for instance.

I've talked to a many a 'pig', and none of them like seeing their 'busts' walking the streets the next day after basically risking their own lives.

Let's try placing the blame for drugs and the tremendous damage done by them in the proper places.

— Posted by joekoule, 03/14/13 at 10:29 PM
Good job!! My grandchildren are a lot safer today.
— Posted by Star_gazer, 03/15/13 at 8:11 PM

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